St John’s Wort Oil (Hypericum Perforatum)-


 St John’s Wort Oil (Hypericum perforatum)-  This is a powerful plant. Just looking at the blooming yellow flowers you can see that it holds the Sun’s vital energy. St John’s Wort Infused oil is best when fresh flowering plant is used – it’s what gives it the red color. This product was wildcrafted from fresh plants harvested in Colorado.

Ingredients: fresh St John’s Wort flowers and leaves, Olive oil


Spiritual Uses: promotes relaxation during meditation

Application:  Use directly on the skin after bathing. It can also be added to the bath.  It is especially good for use before bed to help unwind.

Caution: St John’s Wort is known to be photo sensitizing.  If applied to skin, wait to be exposed to the sun until several hours have passed. Best applied at night.


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1oz/30ml, 2oz/60ml, 4oz/120ml


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