Piñon Pine Resin (Pinus edulus)


Piñon Pine Resin (Pinus edulus) – Also known as Pinon Resin, Trementina del Pinon, and Pinon Pine Resin, Trementina Resin is a sacred resin commonly used by Native Americans. The Pinon tree is one of the most prominent trees in Northern New Mexico, contributing to the unique scent of Northern New Mexico’s Air. The Piñon pine has been cherished for its high-density food source, antimicrobial properties, and used in spiritual practices.  It is known for its resistance to drought and it is among the heartiest of the pine trees. Chewing on the fresh resin is said to be effective for coughs and sore throats. This is not your standard pine resin smell, it has hints of orange, vanilla, and soil.  It’s so calming.  It can be used in ceremonies or as aromatherapy by itself or combined with other resins. Use this with a charcoal tab made for incense for best results. You can also infuse it into an oil to use as a base for a pine pitch salve. This product was wild-harvested from Piñon Pine trees in Northern New Mexico.


Spiritual Uses: purification, protection, spiritual cleansing

Medicinal Actions: Anti-bacterial, anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory, astringent 

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